Silva House (Silva Heritage House)

Official Name: Silva Heritage House

Classification Status: Heritage House

Town or City: Carcar

Year Declared: 2009

Declared a Heritage House by the NATIONAL HISTORICAL INSTITUTE on September 04, 2009.

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SILVA HOUSE DECLARED A HERITAGE BY THE NATIONAL HISTORICAL INSTITUTE 04 SEPTEMBER 2009 _____ The house is a bahay na bato structure. It has one main door leading to the wooden staircase to the formal rooms of house; a stone staircase leading up to the storage rooms of the house. Only minor alterations were made over the years. These are the roofs over the doors of the house and the additional roofing added over the windows of the house. These alternatives were made to protect the interiors of the structure from the elements especially rain accompanied by strong rains. Otherwise, the house has remained the same for one hundred eleven years. Source: National Historical Commission of the Philippines