Parish Church of Santo Nino of Santa Fe

Official Name: Parish Church of Santo Niño of Santa Fe[1]

Classification Status: Classified Historic Structures (covering all Colonial Churches and other Houses of Worship, per NHCP Res. No. 3, s. 1991)[1]

Town or City: Santa Fe

Santo Niño Church is a Roman Catholic church located in the town of Santa Fe in the island of Bantayan, Cebu. It is also called Santa Fe Church.[2]

Santa Fe used to be called “Ugtong” after a species of fish abundant in the surrounding waters. Its church, Sto. Niño Church, used to be part of the parish of Bantayan. It became a parish on April 7, 1881.[2]

A portico is found in the facade. It is made of four piers that also support a balcony, the innermost two of which are obliquely positioned while the other two are grooved. The entrance is made of three doors, the middle one is wider than the other two flanking it and itself flanked by fluted piers that extend as pilasters on the pediment. Four other pilasters are in the facade, all pilasters being fluted. Much of the pediment, bounded by pilasters and cornices, is made of glass stained windows depicting holy figures. Its gable consists of two inclined planes on either side that rises to a central section containing the niche of the Holy Infant. It is aligned with the width of the main entrance door, has a gable roof, and contains a recessed arched niche that is flanked by twin Corinthian columns. The bell tower is erected in the gospel side, it is capped with a dome and a cupola.[2]