Daanglungsod Fortress

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Official Name: Daanglungsod Fortress[1]

Local Name: Estaca Complex; Kuta sa Daanglungsod[1]

Classification Status: Oslob Heritage Site and Tourist Spot[1]

Town or City: Oslob

Year Declared: 2014[1]

Legislation: Resolution No. 108, s. 2014[1]

Based on the writings of Dr. Savellon on Oslob, the Daanglungsod fortress was constructed in 1788. Dr. Jose Bonpua had also written in his articles that the fort occupies an area of 11,000 square meters, much bigger than that of the Fort San Pedro and almost 4 times bigger than Vatican. The walls that enclosed the complex was made up of coral stones and guarded by series of watchtowers. Only the altar of the old church remains after it was destroyed by the Moro invaders.

Daanglungsod literally means Old Area and inside Oslob’s Daanglungsod is the fortress called Estaka. The original name of Daanlungsod was Bolocboloc. The History of this fort started in the 18th Century when slave traders from Mindanao and the Sulu sultanate would attack, loot and destroy Spanish settlements in the entire Visayas region. In 1813 the Watchtower of the Nearby Sumilon island would report a pirate fleet coming from the south. The Warrior Priest Julian Bermejo and the local chief’s of Boljoon and Oslob engaged the Pirates at sea and on Sumilon Island and won taking the Pirate chief and holding him as prisoner.

Inside the Fort there are several ruins of Coral stone structures which were probably where the garrison of the Fort would live and patrol. The houses which were once here are long gone as they were made of Nipa and hardwood. There are three ruins around and the local’s say that there were once cannonballs inside the ruins but these cannonballs were looted for their weight in iron. There is one watchtower much higher up on a hill behind the Fortress but it was too far away to hike.[2]

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Title: The Fortress of Oslob
URL: See below (Source: 2.)
Publication Date: November 1, 2019
Access Date: September 22, 2023

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