Sergio Osmeña House

Official Name: Sergio Osmeña House[1]

Classification Status: National Historical Landmark[1]

Town or City: Cebu City

Year Declared: 1984[1]

The Cebu Osmena Residence, once the home of President Sergio Osmena Senior, is now a museum and a prominent landmark in Cebu Province. President Osmena's legacy is deeply ingrained in Cebu's history, with his name and symbols adorning schools, military camps, streets, and landmarks throughout the region.

Exploring this museum provides insights into President Osmena's life, family, and achievements as a prominent leader, offering a valuable glimpse into Cebu's and the Philippines' history during his era.

The Cebu Osmena Residence Museum
The Osmena Museum, located on Osmena Boulevard in a 1950s-era house, was President Osmena's retirement residence after his 1946 presidential election loss to Senator Manuel Roxas. The building now houses the College Assurance Plan (CAP) office on the ground floor and a recreation of the President's living quarters on the second floor, complete with period furniture.

The Osmeña Memorabilia and CAP Art Gallery feature a collection of 500 items and documents that belonged to President Sergio Osmeña, generously donated by friends and relatives. Among these are various paintings, primarily depicting human forms, and a statue of the late President graces the exterior of the residence.[2]

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