Bantayog ng Tres Alinos | Tres Alinos Monument

Official Name: Tres Aliños Monument[1]

Classification Status: Heritage Monuments, Sites and Zones of the City of Talisay, Cebu [1]

Town or City: Talisay

Year Declared: 2009[1]

Legislation: 3rd SP Ordinance No. 2009-14[1]

Hilario, Potenciano and Felix Aliño are three well-known brothers who were part of the Cebuano Katipuneros and who led the ambush in Talisay City in April 2, 1898. Recent studies have unveiled a fourth brother, Sulpicio Aliño, who was known to be religious and, unlike his brothers, held the rank of colonel rather than general. After his time in the Katipuneros, he became an evangelist of the Protestant faith.[2]

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