Gusaling Gabaldon ng Paaralang Sentral ng Barili | Barili Central School Gabaldon Building

Official Name: Barili Central School Gabaldon Building[1]

Classification Status: Cultural Treasures[1]

Town or City: Barili

Year Declared: 2006[1]

Legislation: Ordinance No. 06-04-01[1]

Barili I Central Elementary School, situated on M. Zosa Street, is a historic institution.[2]

Gabaldon School Buildings, or Gabaldons, originated from the 1907 Gabaldon Law (Act No. 1801), which allocated ₱1 million for constructing modern public schools in the Philippines from 1908 to 1915. These buildings, designed by architect William E. Parsons, follow a standard size of 7x9 meters, emphasizing swift construction.

They combine modern and traditional Filipino architectural elements for efficient ventilation and lighting, featuring raised platforms and large windows. Protected by Republic Act No. 11194 (Gabaldon School Buildings Conservation Act), these structures cannot be modified, altered, demolished, or relocated. This law aligns with Republic Act 10066, the National Cultural Heritage Act of 2009, ensuring their preservation. Local government units are responsible for safeguarding Gabaldon buildings within their jurisdiction.

Local government units are mandated to safeguard Gabaldon buildings within their jurisdiction.[3]

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