Bagacay Point Lighthouse

Official Name: Bagacay Point Lighthouse[1]

Classification Status: National Historical Landmark[1]

Town or City: Lilo-an

Constructed: 1857 (first), 1874 (second)
Foundation: Masonry
Construction: Concrete and stone tower (current), stone tower (second)
Height: 22 metres (72 ft) (current)
Shape: Octagonal tower with balcony and lantern (current), cylindrical tower with double balcony and lantern (second)
Markings: Unpainted tower, white lantern (current)
Fog signal: None

First lit: 1908 (current)
Deactivated: 1908 (second)
Focal height: 44.5 metres (146 ft) (current)
Lens: 3rd order Fresnel lens
Range: 20 nmi (37 km; 23 mi)
Characteristic: Fl W 5s.

The 172-foot lighthouse tower, located on an elevated 5,000-sq m government property overlooking the Mactan Channel, has a focal plane of 146 feet. It was first lit on April 1, 1905, and stands as an octagonal white masonry tower. Built by executive order from William Howard Taft on July 28, 1903, it replaced the original 1857 Spanish government-established point light. This iconic lighthouse has guided mariners, navigators, and fishermen for over a century and remains a popular subject for artists and photographers due to its distinctive architectural design.[2]

All navigational aids in the Philippines are managed by the Philippine Coast Guard.[2]