Parish Church of Saint William of Catmon

Official Name: Parish Church of Saint William of Catmon[1]

Classification Status: Classified Historic Structures (covering all Colonial Churches and other Houses of Worship, per NHCP Res. No. 3, s. 1991)[1]

Town or City: Catmon

Year Declared: 1835[1]

San Guillermo Church in Catmon, Cebu, is an ancient Roman Catholic church dedicated to St. William the Hermit, commonly known as Catmon Church.[2]

Originally under Danao Church, Catmon Church became an independent parish in 1835, with ties to the Augustinian Recollects. The existing church was finalized in 1875.[2]

The church showcases a gabled portico with slender piers and flat, elongated arches. Its roof narrows toward the center with an ornate acroterium. The entrance door is flanked by pilasters and blind arches. The pediment is tall and adorned with finials, housing two open arches, one atop the other. The bell tower stands on the gospel side and culminates in a dome, featuring a hexagonal belfry with alternating open and blind arch windows on the upper floors.[2]