Parish Church of San Roque of Asturias

Official Name: Parroquia de San Roque de Montpellier de Asturias, Cebu[1]

Classification Status: Classified Historic Structures (covering all Colonial Churches and other Houses of Worship, per NHCP Res. No. 3, s. 1991)[1]

Town or City: Asturias

San Roque Church is a church in Asturias, a northeastern town in Cebu province. According to its Facebook page, it is named in Spanish, Parroquia de San Roque de Montpellier de Asturias, Cebu.[2]

San Roque Church became a parish on May 9, 1885. Previously, its mother parishes included Balamban Church and Tuburan Church. It is under the advocacy of its patron, St. Roch of Montepellier.[2]

The quadrilateral bell tower is erected in the church’s facade, its base serves as entryway. Each of the two corners in the front is a twin, fluted Doric columns sitting on a single rectilinear plinth and whose capital is cubic bearing a quatrefoil relief. The frieze is decorated with a series of foliated ornaments at the center of which is a relief. The two corners in the back are pilasters similarly embellished that form part of the church’s exterior wall.

The belfry is found in the upper register pierced with open arches and supported by rectilinear pilasters. The roof is flat with a parapet, the front and back sides of which rise a semi-circle decor with a central ridge.

The rest of the facade is recessed. Its puerta mayor is an arch portal to the interiors above which is an arch window with a small rise and balustrade. It is flanked by narrower arch entrances on top of which a rose window. The facade terminates in corner rectilinear fluted pilasters similarly ornamented. The interiors consist of triangular ribbed ceiling.[2]