Parish Church of Santa Rosa de Lima of Daanbantayan

Official Name: Parish Church of Santa Rosa de Lima of Daanbantayan[1]

Town or City: Daanbantayan

The Sta. Rosa de Lima Church, also known as Daanbantayan Church, is a Roman Catholic parish church situated in Daanbantayan, Cebu.

During Spanish colonization, Daanbantayan's church was a visita of the Bantayan parish. It gained parish status on August 10, 1858, after receiving superior approval on April 25, 1855. Construction of the Sta. Rosa de Lima Church began in 1886, funded by a grant from the Spanish monarchy and built with the labor of townsfolk during Fr. Feliciano Torres's term, whose name still adorns the entrance door. The church suffered damage from Typhoon Haiyan in 2013 and Typhoon Ursula in 2019.

Unique in design, the Daanbantayan Church's facade features three sections: a central one flanked by slightly recessed stone walls. The puerta mayor is a wide arched door with twin pilasters adorned with red rosettes. Rectangular entrance doors are on either side of the puerta mayor. Above the plain cornices that separate the ground and upper registers, ornate yellow scrollwork and two pairs of larger rosette reliefs can be found. These surround a sign describing the church's construction history.

The upper level showcases a festoon high relief, a rose window, and niches with statues of St. Peter on the gospel side and St. Isidore on the other. The wide central section's entablature slopes downward and recesses, with the left side ending in a finial. The pediment is plain, save for a foliated relief at its apex and the patron saint's symbol in the center.

Connected to the church is the hexagonal bell tower, consisting of three levels. The second level has arched windows, while the belfry features rhomboid decorative openings and arched windows with a balustrade. It culminates in a quadrangular spire.[2]