Saint Joseph the Carpenter Parish Church

Official Name: Parish Church of Saint Joseph the Carpenter of Nueva Caceres, Oslob[1]

Classification Status: Oslob Heritage Site and Tourist Spot[1]

Town or City: Oslob

Year Declared: 2014[1]

Legislation: Resolution No. 8, s. 2014[1]


St. Joseph the Carpenter Church is located in Nueva Caceres in the southern town of Oslob, Cebu. It is also called Nueva Caceres Church.[2]

Nueva Caceres was formerly known as Ivisan and was initially under the mother parish of Carcar (formerly Sialo, now Valladolid), later transitioning to Boljoon in 1690. It became part of the Oslob parish before gaining independence as a parish on February 12, 1877. The church itself was constructed in 1812 during the tenure of Fr. Julian Bermejo.[2]

Nueva Caceres Church stands out with its facade adorned by undulating decorative arches, accompanied by fluted engaged columns. On the ground level, you'll find an arched doorway flanked by blind arches. Above this, there is a niche for the patron saint, surrounded by arched windows. The pediment consists of three gables, with the central one being larger and higher than the two flanking it.

The quadrangular bell tower is situated on the epistle side and is connected to the church. It comprises three levels and is crowned with a balustrade and a pyramidal roof. Meanwhile, the convent is located on the gospel flank of the church. [2]