Gusaling Yap Anton | Yap Anton Building

Official Name: Yap Anton Building[1]

Classification Status: Local Cultural Property - Important Cultural Property of Cebu City[1]

Town or City: Cebu City

Year Declared: 2019[1]

Legislation: Resolution No. 14-1163-2019[1]

Situated behind the Cebu Technological University's main campus along Sergio Osmeña Jr. Boulevard, this building, constructed in 1929 by one of Cebu's wealthiest Chinese merchants, has retained its grandeur over the years, thanks to its current owner, Frederick Ong, Jr.

Originally built by Yap Anton in 1929, during the Great Depression and the time of American colonial rule in the Philippines, the building was dedicated to commerce and trade. Despite the economic challenges of that era, it has stood the test of time. After changing hands multiple times, the Ong Kin King family acquired it in 1984.2]

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